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You have a problem with MobileData or GoodWeathr and require assistance? If the general tips on this page don't help, please contact support using the form. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Don't hesitate to write.

General tips

1. Restart the App.
Many issues are resolved by restarting the app. If you are experiencing problems, try this first.

2. Restart your Device.
If restarting the app does not fix your problem, try to restart your device.

3. Redownload and reinstall the App.
If restarting your device doesn’t help either, you can try to redownload the app again and install it afterwards.
Caution: If you remove the app from your device first, keep in mind that removing an app will delete all app data and settings.

You can find more detailed information on how we handle user data in our Privacy Policy.