A widget to monitor your data usage.

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MobileData offers you:

Data usage as a widget

MobileData shows your data consumption and current bill cycles at a glance. Just open the Notification Center.

Overage warnings

MobileData warns you when you are about to exceed your allowance with its built-in color-coded forecast.


Stay always up-to-date!
You will get Push-Notifications when a preset threshold is reached.

Optimized for iPhone and iPad.
MobileData Today Widget


The MobileData Widget shows you your current and remaining data usage and the time left in your bill cycle.

Data consumption

Your current data usage, the remaining time in your bill cycle, everything at a glance.
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Stop overages

Stop paying overage charges!
MobileData shows you when it is time to reduce your data usage, so that you don't exceed your allowance at the end of the month.


Set your own thresholds and MobileData will warn you when they get reached.
So you got your data consumption always under control!
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